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Flutes of the World recording artist Maria Kostelas’
music has been heard around the globe.
From classical to new age, to contemporary world music,
evocative sounds from her 100 world flutes delight, entertain and heal.

Maria’s recordings have been recommended by physicians and nurses worldwide and are highly effective for relaxation, meditation, massage, yoga, pain reduction, anxiety and insomnia.

Maria founded Flutes of the World Music to express her love of world cultures through the voices of her magical flutes. She has released five solo compact disc recordings of original music and composed commissioned works, including a CD for the World Presidents Organization's conference on mind/body health. Maria also recorded Aligning Chakras, a meditation CD with Shirley MacLaine.

“Maria is an artist I admire greatly.
She is a remarkable flutist whose
compositions have been used to
heal many people. She has such
passion and the passion comes
through the flutes.’

- Shirley MacLaine

The silver flute was Maria’s first instrument which she mastered while preparing for a career in classical music. Her training included advanced classes with Jean Pierre Rampal and James Galway and later, with native shaman. Maria's compositions are guided by visions and imagery that seem to transform and lift one’s energy to a higher place.

With an established niche in the new age, relaxation, healing and world music genres, Maria has been asked to perform, and been endorsed by many leading authors and organizations in mind/body medicine including: Christiane Northrup, Judith Orloff, Joan Borysenko, the International Spa and Fitness Association, the World Presidents Organization and the National Wellness Institute.

Maria’s concert audiences have inspired the creation of many of her workshops. As guest artist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Education Association, Maria has taught adults and children with no prior musical experience to play native flutes! If you too have wanted to play native flutes, gain more insight into your life or, live more passionately, you’ll have fun while learning in one of her several dynamic workshops. You may also find yourself raising your hand to be selected as a volunteer in one of Maria’s memorable interactive concerts!

Maria has been acknowledged for her work and its’ profound ability to help individuals live more fully, expressing their soul’s purpose. She considers her flutes to be her passport into the soul of a culture. As Maria continues her travels with her magical flute, she transforms notes into intimate and global portraits of sound.


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