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Personalized Compositions  

A personal song of healing is performed and recorded to bring awareness, understanding, and transformation for individuals, couples and groups. The unique presence and personal energy of each person is Maria’s inspiration. She uses her sound healing, intuitive and empathic skills for each personal song. Her music helps to gently remove negativity and replaces it with positive healing energy.

Maria’s enthusiasm for providing personalized compositions is motivated by what her clients have experienced from their sessions: a greater appreciation of themselves, a deeper connection to their divine nature, and a welcome experience of greater self-love.

Energetic blocks that limit your full expression will be met by healing vibrations and released.

Intuitive information will be shared, offering you insight into key issues that may be limiting you. You will also be given positive steps you can take that will help you to move beyond your personal limitations.

“Maria’s musical technique brings together the artistry of a true musician and the healing touch of a metaphysician. Her performance offers the listener immediate feedback about current issues in their life. Maria’s music is a learning experience and a concert of beautiful music, tailored to the listener’s ear.”
What is involved in a session?

Maria first selects up to 5 flutes for your personal song.
Beautiful melodies become the musical expression of the best of who you are.
The session invites a transformational experience on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.
As she plays each flute, images and scenes from your life appear to her that give Maria a deeper understanding of your key issues.
After she finishes the performance of your song, she describes what she has seen and offers suggestions as to how this information might be used to help improve your life.

Sessions are performed in person, and by phone.

Maria also creates Personalized Compositions for:

COUPLES: The emphasis is on how each person can receive more love. In addition to compositions for the couple, Maria composes a song for each individual.

Maria presents an exceptional opportunity for couples to explore their feelings together through the wonderful tone poems she creates uniquely for them. My wife surprised me with a session with Maria for our anniversary, and after feeling initially reticent, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the outcome. Maria is a talented and gifted musician, who uses her intuition to create a magical harmonious experience for those who fall under her spell.”



  EXPECTANT MOTHERS: An extensive program, Mother’s Melody, has been developed in which Maria composes and records music for mother and child. This benefits pre-natal, birth, postpartum and infancy periods.

For more information about Mother's Melody, personal songs for Mothers-To-Be, click here
HEALTH PRACTITIONERS: The emphasis is on creating a powerful healing tool to support your patients treatment plan. Maria composes a song for each health benefit you select.
GROUPS: Professional, social, family. The emphasis is on communication, cooperation and bonding. For example: a stress management seminar or, organizational or family retreat. The session brings focus to each person’s unique contributions to the group.

The format is very similar to an individual session. The length of each person’s song is determined by the size of the group and length of the session. Particular areas of focus may be selected. For example: Diversity, creativity, increased productivity, relaxation, or communication.

To schedule a Personalized Composition, which includes a private or group session and an audio recording, please call 310-393-1211 or
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