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Personalized Compositions for Health Practitioners

The first step is to identify which health benefits you want your individual patient or symptom-specific patient groups to receive. It may include anything from stress reduction to vitality. During the composing session, Maria and you focus on an intention of healing for each benefit selected. Special flutes are chosen for each song.

Your unique imprint is on the music, and what results is a powerful healing tool that can be used in tandem with your existing treatment modalities.

The compositions are typically expanded into a full length CD compilation. Some practitioners choose to add a personal message or meditation to the CD. Full production from music composition to complete CD packaging is available through Flutes of the World. The practitioner is able to sell this professionally produced CD to patients and to the general public. The profits from such sales can be quite lucrative. For example, with an initial order of 1,000 CDs you can realize net profits of over $10,000.