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Mother’s Melody
a personal song
for Mothers-to-Be
composed and recorded
just for you
and your child.
The Power of Music
strengthening the bond
between you and your baby.
Beautiful Flute Melodies creating peace,
bringing joy and comfort
throughout your pregnancy,
the birth and beyond.
  Don Campbell, author of “The Mozart Effect for Children” found that “Familiarization with specific sounds before birth may induce a special sensitivity to recognition of, and even preference for those same sounds after birth..” A baby’s physiology, intelligence and behavior can be significantly enhanced through repeated listening to a familiar melody.    
The Mother’s Melody Program
In a private session Maria composes and records personalized music for you and your unborn child. You may focus on areas of concern, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. The recording includes several songs that benefit you and your baby throughout the prenatal, birth, postpartum, and infancy periods. As Maria performs each song, she intuitively receives information that brings understanding, reassurance and transformation.
    To gain a more thorough understanding of the Mother’s Melody program, you’ll appreciate what mothers have had to say about their personal experience.  
  What mothers are saying about Mother’s Melody...  

“Maria has an archetypal intuitive sense that draws her to deep places within her clients. I found this to be especially true in our session when I was pregnant with my first child. Her gentle melodies were powerful and inherently feminine. Areas of tension and places where I had been holding fears and anxieties became more relaxed and many new insights began to surface related to my feelings about becoming a mother and being pregnant.
Listening to the tape after the session was a wonderful way to continue strengthening the bond with my baby through this subtle yet powerful musical journey.”

STACEY SMALL, 1st Time Mother

Prior to the birth...
“The music always had a relaxing affect on me and gave me an opportunity to connect to the baby within. It was our time.
Throughout my third trimester of pregnancy I listened to the tape daily, sometimes several times in a day as it relaxed me and allowed me to note the baby's response within me.”
During the birth...
  “I listened to the music in early labor as I readied the bedroom for the home birth I was to have. I remained calm throughout the birth. The music grounded me, and having the baby at home, with melodies beckoning her, made for smooth labor.”
After the birth...
  “The flute music was our defined meditation. I found myself breathing more deeply and holding her more lovingly as I listened.
Listening to Maria's flute music, created especially for us, has been one of the beautiful ways I have bonded with my baby.”
  “While with Maria when she composed the original music, I felt transformed, as if suddenly my connection with my baby became more tangible. When at home I listened to the music almost daily. Every time it really was a magical experience. I would feel warmth in my hands that would travel up to my face and down to my feet. Every time, my baby would move as soon as the music started.

I remember several times after listening I would have dreams that night of the baby. I dreamed I was having a boy, what his name should be and even conversations I had with him. All in all, I can say that even though I thought nothing could ever surpass the feelings I had after the birth of my first son, I've found the second to be even more amazing and inspiring. I feel that we bonded immediately.

Thank you for providing me with a vehicle to help me bond with my unborn child. I would gladly recommend the experience to any pregnant woman.”
To enroll in the Mother’s Melody program, which includes a private session, an audio recording of your session, and ongoing email or phone follow up, please call 310-393-1211 or