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As they say, we teach what we need to learn. This has certainly been the case with me! My journey has been filled with many obstacles, but one thought has remained constant… If you follow your passion, it will lead you to your greatest expression, Your Soul’s Gift.

The Beginning
I’ve always loved the sound of the flute. My father is a professional studio musician and gave me a choice of all the wind instruments. I remember going to the mailbox with my mom at age 9 to mail the check for the purchase my very first flute.

My first years of musical training were focused exclusively on becoming a classical flutist. At some point in my 20s I realized that classical music just wasn’t enough. It didn’t feed my creative soul. I wanted to express more of what I was feeling through music, and this genre didn’t offer me the means to do that. I soon found something that did.

Flutes of the World
I have always loved world cultures and began to search out all the voices of the flute from around the world. The first flute was from South America. It was a small investment and I decided, “Why not?” “Maybe a simple piece of carved bamboo could sound halfway decent.” Well, it didn’t sound great, but the way it was made, the hand carving on it and the color it was painted captivated me. Who made this flute? Why did they make it in this manner? Why does almost every culture have flutes? These questions started my journey into a whole other world that has deeply affected me, personally and professionally. The experiences I had with these world flutes were about to change my life.

As I began earnestly collecting flutes and performing with them people had many questions. They couldn’t help their enthusiasm and many times, during a concert in between songs, an audience member would ask a question about the particular flute I was playing. I knew it was time to develop a lecture on flutes of the world. Audiences do inspire me. I find myself responding to their needs and if I can offer them something that may help them, and my intuition is telling me to do it, I’ll do my best to follow that guidance. This has continued to direct the course of my musical career.

When I performed concerts, many listeners also said that they so enjoyed the beautiful sounds of these world flutes they asked if they could learn to play them. So I created the “Learn to Play Flutes of the World” and “Learn to Play the Native American Flute” workshops. I wanted to share the benefits these wonderful flutes had brought into my life. I knew the ease with which many of these flutes could be played would provide people with a positive introduction to learning to play the flute. People don’t have to spend the thousands of hours of practice necessary to become a good classical flutist to play these world flutes well. Anyone can become a musician with these magical instruments, flutes of the world.

I love introducing people to the power of their creativity, and the gift of their spirit. You see, playing these instruments is not about the notes. It’s about putting your heart and soul into the playing. It’s about connecting to something greater than your self, and letting the power of that divine source come through the flute.

Expanding into Yet Another Direction…
About 10 to 15 years ago, a close relative went into a coma after a severe car accident. Shortly thereafter, I had a dream where she came to me and asked me to go into her body to see what was wrong with her. And when I did, I could see that she might die from her injuries. When I woke up, my first thought was, “Why don’t I write a song of healing for her?”

So I opened my heart and soul and did just that. While I was composing her song, I could feel her all around me, and at a certain point, it became less about the music and more about the sound, and about connecting deeply with her. There were many miracles that happened in her hospital room. She recovered, and I received the gift of this work.

That moment changed the way I composed and performed music. One of the hardest parts, though, was that in order to do this, I had to let go of my ego. You see, being a good classical musician is about “getting it perfect,” and having the technical mastery to play anything.

If I was going to do this new kind of composing and performing, I needed to shift my focus from the technical aspects of my classical training, to my ability to intuit the needs of the people I was composing and playing for. When I did let go of my ego, the results were very inspiring, and encouraged me to continue in this process. My main purpose became honoring and acknowledging each person’s inner voice, their heart, and their spirit. To have them live with their soul on purpose.

After these experiences I began to get hired to perform this new kind of music. There was one particular performance that has become permanently etched in my mind. It expanded my work into a direction I never could have predicted… When I play the flutes for an individual I close my eyes. This helps me focus and keeps distractions to a minimum. The first person I played for asked me if I saw anything when I played the flutes for her. She commented that the music had felt familiar and was quite curious about why this was so. I had never thought about what I saw but decided to try and answer her question. What I described was exactly what was going on in her life! I then proceeded to do this musical intuitive work that night with nine other individuals – all with the same result.

I began doing hands-on research, and started giving intuitive music sessions to friends and friends of friends. The results confirmed that I was onto something. Since that time, some 12 years ago, through the grace of word of mouth, I began to do this work in earnest.

I’ve had the privilege of performing with musicians from many cultures, whose creative spirits have touched me and expanded me. The master drummers from West Africa helped me to move beyond the confines of classical music to the unlimited possibilities contained in their exhilarating and dynamic rhythms.

I feel blessed. I’ve been able to perform for people from many different states and countries, from many different professions, from medical practitioners, to teachers, executives to celebrities. To perform music for people which touches them at the level of their heart, their spirit, and their soul has been a gift. I’ve had the good fortune to be able to perform at several inspiring cutting-edge conferences in the fields of mind/body health, spirituality, and intuition.

My life has changed from that time long age when my focus was on training to be a classical flutist. My priority now is to remain open, to see where this work takes me, even if it changes into a direction I don’t quite understand right away.

I wouldn’t be here, doing this work without the help of many individuals.
From friends to family, from clients to strangers, to the guidance of the
Ancients…You have shared your gifts with me, encouraging and supporting me to express my gift of music, helping me to bring it to others. It is my hope that in some way, this music enlivens the fullest expression of your soul’s gift.
Thank you to those who are in my heart. Your love continues to inspire me.

A woman once asked, “Of all the beautiful places you’ve worked, which one was your favorite?” My reply came instantaneously, “In union with another person.” “It doesn’t matter where we are, ” I continued, “It’s the connection to the divine in one another that really counts.”