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For thousands of years, vision quests have been a sacred ritual practiced throughout the world. It marks a time to cleanse one’ past, to open to a new direction, and experience profound transformation on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It was this ritual that inspired Maria to offer her concert audiences a deeper that empowered them, giving them specific ways to use her music performance to positively benefit their lives.

“Maria’s music creates a deep sense of tranquility.  She has a remarkable ability to make a powerful connection with her audience as she intuits their needs and composes beautiful melodies which open, heal and transform. Her intuitive music invites the listener to experience who they are more fully".

JUDITH ORLOFF, M.D, Psychiatrist,
Best-selling author, “Positive Energy"

Maria’s Vision Quest Concerts™ go beyond the traditional concert-listening experience. Through her intuitive guidance and flute performances, you have access to the healing power of music. Intimate musical journeys will lead you to a deep place within, where you can hear the wisdom of your soul, where you can become aware of your inner truth.  Your personal power of intention will be strengthened and you will be given tools to re-vision your future. Insights gained will provide you with the inspiration to initiate new behaviors, take risks, and live with your soul, on purpose.

“Maria is an artist I admire greatly. She is a remarkable flutist whose  compositions have been used to help heal many, many people.
She has such passion and the passion comes through the flutes.”





Maria’s Vision Quest Concert and Workshop series has included the following presentations:

“Say Goodbye to the Old, Say Hello to the New”

Participants become empowered in the art of change. This dynamic musical experience helps them to release the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that no longer serve them.  A renewed sense of hope is gained and their passion for life is ignited. They gain the inspiration needed to achieve their goals, intentions and visions.

“Connection: Developing Cooperative Leadership”

Ancient Peoples came together in circle for a ceremony of connection that honored wisdom and called upon the strengths of all present. This practice developed leaders who were able to make decisions that best served their community.  Participants release perceived limitations, obstacles that prevented the achievement of mutual, professional and global goals and visions. Focus is placed on the strengths and contributions of the individual. The pathway to one’s greatest potential is significantly accelerated.












Vision Quest Concert and Workshop presentations are available for work groups and corporate conferences and retreats. Personal Musical Vision Quest sessions may also be provided. They include songs composed specifically for the individual, intuitive guidance, and an audio recording of their music.

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