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Join Flutes of the World for fun and inspirational workshops. Choose from: “Learn to Play Flutes of the World,” “The Healing Power of Music,” “The Journey of the Woman’s Soul” and more!


No Experience Needed for Either Workshop! It’s Fun and Easy!
Children, adults and special needs groups across the country have enjoyed Maria's musical workshops. The inspiration for creating these workshops came from Maria’s audiences. They so enjoyed the beautiful sounds of her flutes that many asked if they could learn to play these magical instruments. Maria also provides these workshops for children at schools, museums, community centers, and for private parties.

You will leave the workshop knowing how to play the flute and with a flute to keep of your very own!

• Enhance Your Creative and Intuitive Abilities
• Increase Your Sense of Well-being while Reducing Stress
• Experience a Deeper Connection to Your Life force
• Receive Greater Self-Awareness and Peace of Mind
• Learn How to Create Healing Music

Everyone can be a musician. And, you will learn a beautiful form of self-expression that opens your heart while bringing you peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Maria's teaching methods inspire the inner child in all of us to come out and play! Definitely, the most fun I've ever experienced in a workshop setting.
LINDA ATNIP, AUTHOR"Miranda's Magic Garden"

Maria brings flutes from around the world into people’s lives in a very personal way that’s fun and easy, a gentle way that assures success at playing the flute very quickly.

Through playing flutes from Maria’s 100-piece world collection, you will learn an ancient tradition that provides many benefits: enhanced creativity, stress relief, and it’s a fun way to express yourself. Simple individual and group exercises and guided meditations make playing these flutes a sacred experience. Each flute has a unique voice that connects the player to Ancient Cultures.

Maria will also demonstrate her work as a musical intuitive by performing healing music, or “personal songs” for workshop participants. These workshops give people the means to speak the "universal language," while building a bridge to their next-door neighbors, the peoples of the world.

Flutes are provided in the “Flutes of the World” workshop. You may also bring your own flute. A Native American flute is included in the cost of the “Learn to Play the Native American Flute” workshop.
Workshops can be scheduled in 1-1/2 hour to full-day formats, as stand alone classes or as part of your existing workshop or conference.

For information please call 310-393-1211 or email

some of our popular workshops include:
Children’s Workshops
  Kids Go on a
Magical Trip
Around the World!
Students play flutes from a 100-piece world collection. All kids take an exciting musical tour through North and South America, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China, Indonesia, Africa, and more!

Music becomes an inspiration for children to learn more about the cultures of their next-door neighbors, the peoples of the world. The individual voices of each flute become a passport and connection to the world's cultures.

Students will receive instruction through LOTS of hands-on participation. They will be delighted by Maria’s colorful ethnic stories that show the common bond between world cultures. The children will learn about the uses of the flute and their particular importance to each culture. Maria’s dynamic presentations reinforce geography, cultural history and language arts curricula. Craft flutes are available for each child to decorate. This children’s art project augments the musical instruction.

Most of all, kids have fun listening to, learning about and playing flutes from all around the world.
• Assemblies
• Interactive Family Concerts
• Instructional Intensives
• Teacher In-Service
• Classroom Programs
• Test Preparation Programs
• Musical Composition and Storytelling
“As a flutist and music educator, Maria demonstrates and performs world music, interweaving performance with stories from many cultures, ancient through contemporary. Her interdisciplinary approach and cross-cultural knowledge makes her uniquely qualified to provide children with an integrated experience combining exploration of practical science with performing, visual, and language arts.
The Healing Power of Music

Through this fun, experiential workshop you will learn how music can benefit your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“ I attended ‘Journey of the Soul - The Healing Power of Music.’ This was one of the most useful conference sessions that I had the privilege to be part of. Her work was so useful and well presented, that I asked for a personal session with Maria, which was even more powerful. I still use the tape of that session, as well as the CDs of Maria's amazing flute music."
CONNIE SAKRISON, Marriage and Family Therapist

In “The Healing Power of Music” workshop you will be shown how music can be used to:

• reduce stress and anxiety
• lower heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure
• improve energy and vitality resulting in greater
• productivity in your personal and professional life
• increase self-awareness, developing the self-confidence for
• healthier, more fulfilling relationships with self and others.
• identify and gain a greater appreciation for your unique gifts
• enhance spiritual well-being

Just as ancient peoples gathered to celebrate the creative spirit, you too will experience the joy of music, the wisdom of healing sounds and the comfort of the souls’ language in beautiful flute melodies.
For information please call 310-393-1211 or email

Journey of the Woman’s Soul: Celebrate Your Inner Beauty

A workshop that empowers women to live their lives with their Soul on Purpose.
A personal song of healing will be created and recorded just for you. Guided meditations and journal writing will also invite an illuminating experience of personal transformation.

• Enjoy a profound sense of inner peace as your music guides you to a
sacred experience of your inner beauty.
• Feel embraced by a positive energy that restores and revitalizes, as it
offers a renewed sense of self.
• Gain a heightened awareness of your deepest self that awakens your
creative and intuitive potential
• Experience an inspiring inner power that emerges with this renewal.

For information please call 310-393-1211 or emai

Other Workshops include: Sound Healing, Developing Creativity and Intuition, Stress Management, Relaxation and Music, The Women’s Soul Orchestra, Team Building and the Ancient Tradition of the Flute Circle.

Have Flutes Will Travel! Maria is available to provide her workshops in your city.
For some workshops there may be a group-size minimum. Please contact Flutes of the World for more information regarding workshops. Call 310-393-1211 or email